Caravan ATM Solutions

Factory caravan aggregate trailer mass (ATM) ratings only typically allow for an approximate payload of 400kg. For most customers, this value is quickly exceeded when water tanks, luggage, food, tools, bikes, generators, solar panels, dual battery systems, gas bottles and other items are taken into consideration. Caravans that exceed the plated ATM are illegal.

JU Design can provide ATM upgrades to your caravan based on the major components of the vehicle. During inspection, the draw bar, chassis, brakes, axles, suspension and tow coupling are all reviewed and analysed to determine a re-rated ATM, GTM and ball weight. A modification plate is manufactured and fitted on-site, and an engineering report is completed for your vehicle. This report can then be taken to VicRoads or relevant state authority to have the ATM altered on your registration. Re-rating your caravan provides the following benefits:

  • Understand your caravan and its weight distribution characteristics
  • Ensure ATM is not exceeded
  • Maximise payload that can be legally fitted to your caravan

Steps to have your caravan ATM upgraded:

  • Contact JU Design for an inspection appointment (Usually conducted on Friday’s only)
  • Obtain a weigh bridge docket* at an approved weighing facility that shows:
    • Axle weight(s)
    • Ball weight
  • Bring your caravan and towing vehicle to our facility (located in Gordon, VIC) for inspection

Please allow approximately 1.5hrs for your caravan to be inspected, report generated, and modification plate manufacture/fitted to your vehicle.

* Note – JU Design can conduct axle and ball weight measurements on-site for an additional fee if required.

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