Vehicle Certification Solutions

Vehicle Certification Solutions

JU Design can certify modifications to light and heavy vehicles. The types of modifications we can certify include:

  • Body fitments and modifications
  • Towing equipment installations (towbars, Fifth wheel assemblies)
  • Crane, tailgate and hook-lift fitment
  • Trailer modifications (brakes, suspension, axles, kingpins, road train conversions)
  • Drawbar and towbar certification to ADR 62/02 and ADR63/00
  • Motor home conversions
  • Vehicle seating modifications
  • GVM upgrades for passenger vehicles
  • Engine replacement
  • Suspension/axle replacement

Vehicle types:

  • Light vehicles = VASS (VicRoads)
  • Heavy vehicles = NHVR (National)

Once inspected, JU Design can supply reports, VASS or NHVR approval certificates and modification plates to be fitted to your vehicle.

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